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Humanitarian Parliament

The idea arose in the corridors of deliberation between members of the General Secretariat of Human Without Borders, to take their ideas and beliefs of humanity global dimensions, where the discussion began on that idea to derive its legitimacy from the Human Without Borders Foundation, where the Foundation launches the idea of the Humanitarian Parliament as one of its projects, and work begins to prepare for that, to produce an idea. Parliament comes to light with a cover and a reference from the Foundation.


  • The members of the General Secretariat for Human Without Borders begin by proposing criteria on which the members of the Humanitarian Parliament are chosen.
  • Parliament members suggest according to the proposed criteria
  • Defining the tasks and files of the humanitarian parliament
  • The Foundation announces the launch of the Humanitarian Parliament project

General aims :

Parliament provides a safety net and support for the institution’s work

  • Influencing international and regional bodies and organizations to serve humanitarian issues
  • Mobilization of all influencing energies in various fields

The relationship between the institution and parliament

  • The humanitarian parliament is considered in the early stages of its formation as one of the organization projects. Therefore, it is considered the reference institution for the parliament, but in the advanced stages of the parliament, the institution may be the executive organ of the parliament, provided that in all cases the members of the General Secretariat of Human Without Borders are natural members of the humanitarian parliament