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The Foundation has approved a set of programs for the Foundation’s work in its work areas where the human suffering caused by military operations and armed conflicts around the world, where it begins its work in Palestine as one of the most prominent aspects of human suffering, through several programs:

1- The Humanitarian Development and Relief Program
The program relies on development work with families and groups affected by wars and armed conflicts as a basis for the advancement of these groups to try to achieve a standard of living even if at a minimum, and then works on emergency humanitarian relief when necessary.

2- The Human Rights Program
The program works with a human rights team to defend the rights of those affected by the armed conflict, of all groups, locally and internationally

3- Studies and Training Program
The program provides applied scientific studies on the human reality in the institution’s work areas, also provides conferences and opinion polls with scientific methods to provide the institution with applied scientific plans for the human reality and work mechanisms

4- Health Support Program
The program works by providing medical teams supporting the health follow-up of those affected and working to provide medicine and health tools as possible

5- Psychological support program
The program works through psychologists with cases of victims of armed conflict and follow-up to provide psychological support requirements